Aerations- Why should I do it?

Aeration of the turf area is one of the most beneficial things that can be done for your landscape plants and turf.  Colorado soils are notorious for their clay and its ability to compact.  Clay does not absorb water quickly or deeply.  Approx .2- .25 inches per hour.  No irrigation system puts down water that slowly.  In order to develop new root mass and increase infiltration of water you must aerate to loosen up the soil surface.  An effective aeration will remove cores 3-4″ in length.  A healthy well watered turf will fill those holes with new roots.  More roots means less weeds, less chemicals needed, better effeciency and absorption of water and nutrients, and better ability to survive periods of high heat or drought.

Just do it.  Trust me, Its good for your lawn.    Let us show you the before and after at your property.