Sprinkler Systems in Erie and Longmont, CO

Keep Your Garden Looking Great With The Help Of Professional Sprinkler Systems


If you want your lawn garden to look amazing you should have a custom-tailored irrigation maintenance plan for your property first of all. Efficient sprinkler systems can provide you with a lot of benefits for your home and money. A well maintained lawn care is indeed a beautiful sight and not a very hard to achieve goal.

When they are left uncared for, garden lawns can grow to have a very bad and unappealing look. They often turn brown, filled with weeds and moss. Having the help of professional sprinkler systems can transform the look of your garden in no time. Quality service providers have a custom tailored management plan to make sure your lawn care is taken care of the way it should be.

What these companies can provide you with is improved ways of watering your landscape and saving a lot of money that is wasted on over-watering and run-offs. There are many aspects involved in creating and maintaining a healthy and good lucking lawn for your garden.

Here are some tips to make sure you take good care of your lawn:

  • Make sure to use safe products if have to remove the snow or ice from the lawn
  • Make sure to remove your skating ring tarp in the springtime so you don’t permanently damage the grass underneath
  • Know when it is the right time to spray weeds. This is usually done in early spring for excellent results
  • Make sure you when how to prepare your lawn care for every season, since each one is different and the lawn needs to adapt to every temperature and whether climate you live in

For best lawn care advice and sprinkler system management look for a reliable company in your local are in Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO.

Irrigation Systems in Longmont and Firestone, CO

Irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems save water and add value

Keeping you grass and plants healthy and in mint condition requires regular water and that can only be effectively delivered using sprinkler systems especially in the dry months.  If you have a nice garden or open space area a sprinkler system should be an essential part of your irrigation and open space management. Longspeak Landscape offers landscaping and garden maintenance services in Erie, Firestone, Longmont CO and can advise you regarding sprinkler and lawn sprinkler systems.


If you have a big garden or large open space watering by hand is not practical or possible. Sprinkler systems saves time, water and money.


A proper irrigation system will not only help keep your garden in pristine condition but will also help you save water, reduce waste and lower water bills.  When it comes to irrigation you don’t want to over water or under water. The proper allocation of sprinkler systems can help find the right balance in water use and management. Sophisticated products such as rain sensors, freeze sensors, moisture sensors, smart nozzle heads and advanced controllers will help you better manage your water usage and application.


There are a variety of lawn sprinkler systems that employ smart features such as pop-up nozzles, advanced controllers and intelligent computer programs work in conjunction with sophisticated sensors to determine when you sprinkler should activate and when it should switch off.  This means each section of your lawn, garden or open space get the optimal amount of water.  Advanced lawn irrigation also prevents water wastage by preventing over watering. This also saves plants and lawns form damage due to over saturation.


A beautiful garden and well managed open spaces are pleasing to the eye and add value to your property. It also makes it more enjoyable to spend time in such surroundings.

Patios and Pavers in Erie, Longmont, Firestone CO

Patios and pavers as part of your landscaping project

Proper open space management can make a substantial difference to your commercial or residential property. For example patios can add living space, value and comfort and can also add to the beauty of your home.  Patios can be an important part of an overall landscape and open space management project. Longspeak Landscape are professionals when it comes to open space design, planning and construction. They operate in Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO and can beautify your property with innovative landscape designs by combing natural elements with manmade structures.


Man-made structures can include patios, pavers, fire places, enclosures, entertainment areas, outdoor kitchens, decks, walls, walk ways, drive ways, water features and more.  There are often many benefits to include patios in your property improvement and open space management project.  A well planned patio can transform an open space into a comfortable area where people can relax. You can build a solid surface patio at ground level or even have it raised with retaining walls and steps. Plants can be added to create a green and natural feel and to soften the overall look of the patio area.


Your patio flooring can be constructed from concrete pavers, stone pavers or brick pavers. Since the stone is a natural resource that must be dug out of the earth it will be more expensive than brick or concrete pavers. The benefit of stone pavers is that they have a natural look and appeal. Brick and concrete pavers are manufactured from a mixture of raw materials. Concrete pavers offer a nice variety of colors and are cheaper than brick pavers. Since concrete pavers are strong they can also be used for driveways. Brick pavers offer a natural beauty and warmth associated with clay and shale materials.  Whether you prefer light, moderate or deep earthy tones, you can be sure your brick pavers will retain their natural colors for a long time.