Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Colorado: Serving Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO

Longs Peak Landscape can create a custom-tailored irrigation maintenance plan for your property. Once the start-up and a few audits have been completed, we can provide some optional improvements that can more effectively water the landscape, reduce water waste from over-watering and run-off, and save money on the water bill.

Our Irrigation Specialists are trained in providing smart designs for the best efficiency.  We are known for our A++ service and promptness and we use superior parts with the latest technology for longevity.

Some of our Irrigation Services:

  • Water Management and Conservation
  • Annual Certified Backflow Testing (Required annually in most areas)
  • Backflow Installation and Maintenance
  • Backflow Theft Deterrence Devices
  • Irrigation System Design and Installation
  • System retrofitting/upgrades
  • Spring “Start-up” Services
  • Regular system monitoring and sprinkler checks.
  • System winterization and blow-outs
  • Service calls/repair
  • After hours/emergency service calls

Water Management Programs are available through Longs Peak Landscape. Increasing the frequency of audits and repairs will reduce the over-watering and under-watering of a landscape. Auditing a system frequently will allow for us to manage the needs of each specific site and spot inefficiencies, in turn saving water.


Water Management Products and Technology are available for installation. Items such as rain/freeze sensors, soil moisture sensors, and advanced controllers are great tools to manage your water usages. New nozzle and head technologies are also available to retrofit to the system for more precise watering techniques.