Colorado Tree & Shrub Service in and around Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO

We all know trees and shrubs are valuable pieces of your landscape.  Trees provide many environmental, aesthetic and economic benefits.  In general, preventative care and maintenance of your trees is much more cost effective than extensive corrective treatments or removals and replacements.  Protect the investment you have in your trees with a comprehensive plant health care program.  Proper pruning, fertilization, and pest/disease control are essential to ensure your trees stay healthy and continue to provide value to your property.  Our arborists have many years of experience working with trees and shrubs along the Front Range and are skilled at assessing their individual needs.

We provide full range of tree services including:

  • Pruning, Crown Training and Cleaning
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Tree Injections (for fertility, micronutrient needs, and disease control)
  • Tree removals
  • Horticultural Oil Applications
  • Winter watering
  • Storm Damage Pruning/Cleanup