Seasonal Services

Thank you for your interest in Longs Peak Landscape. We have been in serving the Front Range since 1996. Longs Peak Landscape operates year round, and offers additional seasonal services. Decorating services are a great way to celebrate any holiday or event and provide extra attraction from your entrances and common area landscapes. Winter watering is important to keep plantings hydrated during months where irrigation systems have been shut down, and natural precipitation is minimal.

Snow removal services are available from Longs Peak Landscape. Much like landscape maintenance services, snow removal management strategies are custom-tailored for each property and include different options. Click here to read more. Holiday lighting,
snow removal, winter watering, and  are just some of the things we are able to help with.

Seasonal Services:

  • Holiday Lighting and Decoration
    • Exterior holiday lighting and decorating services are available year round for any celebration or event
    • Seasonal “Winter”  Watering
      • Water newly planted trees, shrubs, or turf to provide healthy root growth in periods of warmer weather, when regular irrigation is not in operation
      • Provides a greater chance of plantings surviving through a winter when there is inconsistent water.
    • Tree Pruning
    • Annual flowers – planting and removing

To find out more about our services please click here or click on Services. We have several pages explaining all that we can do for you.

See our Tips & News for suggestions on what should be done during the different seasons to enhance your greenery.

WINTER: Water & Plan for Spring

  • Mild Winters can be a great time to get some landscaping work done.  Plant material suffers less stress if it is transported before it has leafed out.  It is also a great time to design and plan for spring projects.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for our Reliable Snow Plowing and sidewalk services.. We offer Custom Snow and Ice Removal Packages custom to your needs!

Winter Landscape Tips

Colorado is notorious for its fast changing weather.  Mild winters recently have seen temperatures rise in to the 50’s and even 60’s between storms. Winter watering is an extremely important factor when it comes to the success of trees and shrubs in Colorado. Watering plants once a month should be adequate in the winter months. Newer landscapes especially during dry winter weather may need water more frequently. Different types of trees and shrubs need more water than others.

Drive slowly on snowy days and give plow drivers plenty of room.

SPRING: Aeration, weed control, sprinkler start-up, mulch

As the temperature rises, it means that it is time to start thinking about your lawn and landscape needs. Spring is an important time to return plants to a healthy state. After a long winter, many plants are starved and dehydrated. Properly timed aerations and fertilizations and weed control can give your turf and other plants the head start they need to stay healthy and green all season long. Preemergent weed control can eliminate weeds before they are a problem.

Aeration can also help to reduce the water consumption of the grass. Proper aeration is the most beneficial thing that can be done for the root system of your trees and grass. A healthy root system will penetrate further into the soil and absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. Healthy roots will also result in healthier plants, which are less susceptible to injury and disease. We recommend two annual aerations to maximize root growth.

Spring is a great time to audit your irrigation system efficiency and set up your programs for the summer. It is also a great time to apply fresh mulch to planting beds. Mulch acts like a wet blanket, keeping roots wet longer and holding moisture that the plants need coming into summer. Rototill those gardens and prepare for planting.

Time to Mow those outlots and spray noxious weeds as they have all their energy into the reproduction process and are more susceptible to the herbicides applied.

SUMMER: Watering & Maintenance

A healthy turf will enter the summer with a large and efficient root mass which helps to sustain high temps. Cool season Front Range turfgrass survives the summer months with little root and shoot production.

As the summer temps rise it is important to have an efficient watering schedule.  Overwatering is expensive and also hard on natural resources.  An irrigation audit is always a good thing to do. Constant monitoring and adjustment for seasonal needs should be done to water efficiently and conservatively.

Raising the mowing height will also decrease the heat stress on the turf.  Mulching grass will return moisture and nutrients to the soil reducing the water needed. Monitor all new plantings to make sure plants are surviving the most stressful part of their season.

“Summer is a great time to tackle ALL landscaping projects.”

Hint- Watering for longer duration and decreased frequency is more beneficial to grass root systems.  A deeper watering (longer duration) will allow water to penetrate further into the soil profile, which increases the root depth. Watering daily forms a dense shallow root system that is VERY susceptible to hot days, hot winds, and is more likely to suffer from injury or disease.  Watering at night 2-3 nights/ early mornings a week is ideal.

FALL aerations, overseed and fertilizations, pruning, clean-up, hang x-mas lights

Fall is a great time to build up the root mass of all your landscape plants.  Properly timed aerations and fertilizations will give you a healthy plant that is ready to endure a long winter and emerge in the spring with renewed energy.

It is also a good time to wrap young trees to prevent damage to the bark during the freeze/thaw cycles of the winter.  Prune all shrubs and trees for optimum growth next spring.  Fall is a great time to finish any lingering landscaping projects that need to be done before winter.

Fall is a great time to overseed and recover areas that were stressed by summer heat.

Time to blow out irrigation systems, clean up leaves, and hang those Christmas lights.