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Snow Removal and Tree Service: Erie, Longmont, Firestone, CO

Snow removal and tree service for a more beautiful garden and landscape


Fluctuating temperatures and heavy snow can cause damage to your garden especially to woody shrubs and trees. Fast and effective snow removal and tree service can help prevent damage and harm from snow and ice. Longspeak Landscape provides snow removal and tree service in Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO.


When temperatures drop below zero the water contained in plant cells will freeze and expanding ice crystals can rupture cell walls causing them to collapse. Flowers and plants can easily be injured if snow is allowed to accumulate. Tree branches weaken under the load of the snow and great care is required when removing snow from frozen branches.


Sometimes it is better to leave the task of snow removal to the professionals. They know how to remove ice and snow and employ special equipment such as skid loaders, hand shovels, dump trucks, zero turn mowers as well as high quality de-icing and melting agents.


They will remove snow and ice without damaging your trees and plants and they also know which areas are a priority and should be cleared first. They will also dispatch crews as soon as the snow fall reaches a certain level. Most cases snow removal is conducted at night time.


Tree service is another important aspect of effective landscaping and will help keep your trees in tip-top condition.  Tree care could involve ornamental pruning, dead branch removal, pest control, plant health care, tree removal and general garden management.


Professional gardeners, plant technicians and botanists implement a program for total plant and tree care. They can also help trees and plants to recover from injury due to heat, frost, snow, drought or even disease.


Properly maintained trees and shrubs add natural beauty to your garden and landscape and as such also add value to your lifestyle and your property.

Landscape Company, Contractor, and Maintenance: Erie, CO

Landscape maintenance for both hardscape and animate horticultural elements


Landscaping is the art beautifying a garden or outside area and usually involves some form of hardscape.  Longspeak Landscape is your source for landscape maintenance in Erie, Firestone and Longmont CO.


Landscaping involves a many animate horticultural and related elements such as trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, soil, seeds, fertilizer and grass that have to be organized and managed in order to create a beautiful and pristine environment. These often need to be complemented by hardscape elements such as irrigation, stone walls, walkways, decks, patios, pergolas and water features that are all part of an overall landscaping project.


Hardscape takes care of spaces and proportions and adds convenience and comfort into an outdoor environment. The softscape or animate horticultural items add the magic that makes a landscape come alive. Whereas hardscape can be thought of as the paper in a book, the softscape can be thought of as the words. Another analogy could be music. The musical instruments would be the hardscape and the plants, flowers and trees would be the music itself.


Landscape maintenance involves a range of tasks and services that are designed to keep your garden and outdoor spaces in a beautiful and pristine condition.  These include site inspections, lawn mowing, weed cleaning, power edging, aerations and tree and plant maintenance.


Landscape maintenance also includes tasks such as waste removal, power cleaning, spring and fall cleanup as well as storm damage cleanup. Other important aspects of landscape maintenance relate to landscape enhancements as well as repairs and maintenance to hardscape items.


It does not matter whether you have a small residential garden or a large grounds and open spaces, Longspeak Landscape works with all sizes. They offer custom landscaping services and solutions and will have a plan to match your garden and your budget.

Spring is the Only time to spray preventative sprays for borers on Pine and Ash Trees.



Understand Pre-emergent weed control. Click here.

The only way to control annual grasses like crabgrass, and annual bluegrass is with pre-emergent herbicides.  For a pre-emergent to work effectively, their must be a layer of chemical in the soil.  The suns UV, moisture, and disturbances (aeration, rodents, animals etc..) can disrupt this layer.  Usually 2 applications can provide adequate control.  Preemergent must be in the soil when soil temperatures reach 60 degrees.  That is when most annuals will begin germination.

Begin Treatments for Japanese Beetle and Striped Pine Scale

Begin Treatments for Japanese Beetle and Striped Pine Scale text

Spring Clean-ups

Now is the time to prepare all your plants for a healthy spring and summer.  Take advantage of the full growing season by removing dead, and overgrown plant materials,  Clean up all debris and dead head all perennials for a bright colorful spring.

Aerations- Why should I do it?

Aeration of the turf area is one of the most beneficial things that can be done for your landscape plants and turf.  Colorado soils are notorious for their clay and its ability to compact.  Clay does not absorb water quickly or deeply.  Approx .2- .25 inches per hour.  No irrigation system puts down water that slowly.  In order to develop new root mass and increase infiltration of water you must aerate to loosen up the soil surface.  An effective aeration will remove cores 3-4″ in length.  A healthy well watered turf will fill those holes with new roots.  More roots means less weeds, less chemicals needed, better effeciency and absorption of water and nutrients, and better ability to survive periods of high heat or drought.

Just do it.  Trust me, Its good for your lawn.    Let us show you the before and after at your property.

Sprinkler Start-ups

Sprinkler Start-ups text