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Improving outdoor places is what we do.   Every landscape has an intended purpose and we try to highlight that in every project we do.  Our extensive training & industry experience allow us to make sure that our projects are well planned and executed for generations of sustainable success.

The key to any landscape is the health and benefits of its plant life.  Our talented team has a combined 100+ years experience working in this specific climate.

Our Services:


We work for Home owners, Developers, Commercial Property Owners, Facility Managers, Builders, Architects and Designers.

Our landscape artists love a blank slate. We will transform any project from dirt to beautiful, functional outdoor space.

Earth, Water, Fire & Plants are the natural elements all landscapes are formed and defined by.  

Earth:  Creating texture creates micro climates, adds privacy, shows more plants, and corrects drainiage.  Starting with good earth work is always important to the feel and function of any landscape.

Water: All landscapes need some water.  Even in our semi arid climate the sight and sound of running water is a proven therapeutic tool.   Being around water is calming.  It has the added benefit of providing many creatures with a place to live or visit.





Fire: While we do have nice summer evenings, fire is a part of the landscape that we Colorado’s can enjoy every month. Fires are a great way to entertain outdoors 12 months a year.











Whatever the reason the landscape needs to change, we are here to help.  We specialize in enhancing old landscapes with a new look, and making them inviting places again.

PLANTING:  Proper plant selection and placement for ideal mature growth habit, and water usage are the two main factors that SHOULD be considered when designing a landscape.  Fruit, Flowers, Fall Color and habitat that plant creates are all secondary benefits of having the right plants in the right places.  We all have seen the 60′ Blue Spruce planted 8′ off the corner of a house when it is 6′ tall.   It is important to have the right amount of turf, the right type of turf, and understand the pros and cons of all landscape plants.

IRRIGATION: We are all aware of the cost of water, and our global responsibility to manage this precious resource.  Irrigation and plant technology has come a long way in just the past 5 years.  Almost every irrigation system in the ground could run more effeciently, and effectively with todays technology in place.    We feel it is our responsibily to educate everyone on what is possible in 2012.  We get a lot of opportunities to revist old designs and make some improvements to the total landscape area and water usage, or lack of water management.  We will save you water.  Let us show you how.

HARDSCAPE: Eventually Concrete cracks.   No real way around that, It is Colorado.  Moisture and freezing temperatures will break even the biggest mountains over time.  Our hardscape professionals can take on all aspects of outdoor hardscape.

  • Interlocking Paver patio
  • Flagstone patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Boulder Walls
  • Concrete
  • Walkways
  • Driveways


LIGHTING:  Every landscape provides more value when you see it more than just daylight hours.  We like the idea of a 24 Hour landscape.   Landscapes are beautiful.  Especially when you can see them.    Outdoor lighting can make the difference between good and great!    Let us set up our Demo kit and show you what your landscape would look like at night.  It is worth the time, guaraneed!


Unfinished areas in the landscape? Distrubed site?  Damage from nature? Construction? Enviromental conditions? poor original plan & execution?  Erosion control?

These types of projects are part of our daily routine.  We can help, just ask.